David J Rose – 2017

Plans for this year include;

  • Helping Julia with her new house that she has bought in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Should be fun, doing a bit of painting of furniture etc.
  • Attending events with the Royal British Legion Riders
  • Ride to Ypres in April and then continue on down to Verbana to visit Anna Ricciardi and her Mother. They are the family of an old friend that I worked with in Riyadh.
  • Johanna and Luke getting married in August.

Tentatively put the route for Ypres – Pallanza – UK into Google Maps and came up with this: (click on link to see map)
Gloucester – Ypres – Pallanza – Gloucester

So, we’ll see how the year goes.

20 March 2017

Julia finally got the keys to her first house on the 17th. Johanna and Luke went up one day to help her sort out some of the mess the previous people left behind. Marlane and I are going on 23rd for a few days to help her.
It’s quite a journey but we are going back on the 30th to take Mother in Law Betty so she can see Julias’ house.

It has been a busy few weeks, lots of furniture, fridge/freezer, tumble drier, washing machine, all done up or purchased from Gumtree/E-Bay. Shipped into Storage on the 18th and being delivered on 29th, after the carpets have been put installed.

A small selection of some of the furniture we have refurbished, some after being bought.

Large Ottoman

Bottom part of cabinet from Jo’s flat

Bought this fridge/freezer, almost new!






















Apart from the Ypres trip I am also doing a 500 mile sponsored ride 24 June. This is for the RBL poppy appeal and is completed in one day.

In August we have a wedding to look forward to, Johanna and Luke getting married at Perry Grove railway, should be a lot of fun.




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